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About us

Darvesh Group

Opening doors to better life and beyond

The foundation

Over forty years, more than a  hundred people and multiple offices and millions of square feet later the Darvesh group is proud of consistently delivering on its commitment to build quality living, working and commercial spaces across India and eventually the globe.

The journey

After studying the construction business thoroughly, Mr. Usman A Darvesh took up his first project in 1974. It has been a memorable journey since then. With an eye for detail and a passion to deliver quality, Mr Usman’s vision saw a venture turn into a reputed name within a short span of time.

With both his sons stepping onto a steddyship in 1995, Darvesh Group was then able to expand its operations to Pune. The working ethos of the Group has earned the four companies under the umbrella, a reputation for being one of the most honourable and diligent organisations the real estate, redevelopment and construction arena.

A journey that has been consciously steady, sure and relevant has seen the group deliver projects without waver. In 2009, the group revitalised its identity, to once again prove that the company recognises the expectations of the evolving markets and consumers and is ready to surpass all standards of the continually evolving industry.

“If you drive too fast, you will miss out on the details in the blur. Life resides in the finer moments and details and should be about making choices and not about living with what has been chosen for you.

– U. A. Darvesh

The vision

The group will work single-mindfully towards achieving profitability for all its stakeholders while maintaining its commitment to innovation, quality, trust, efficiency and the financial and integral health of the organisation.

The group assures to create milestones while raising industry benchmarks.

Our values

Research & understanding

Asking a lot of questions does create a lot of friction. But this is alwys the first step at the Group, because knowledge and awareness are the key to management and operational success.

Responsibilty and Accountability

Assigning key responsibilties and then working as a team to execute tasks with complete accountability for the results has always been the mantra at the Darvesh Group.


Social welfare

A people place, the Darvesh Group will always work towards community & social upliftment. Making this world a better place and this country a recognised destination is not just a dream but a focussed objective at the Darvesh Group.

Maintaining relationships

The people of the organisation believe in maintaining relationships even beyond the completion and delivery of the projects and tasks at hand. The Group boasts of strong relations with all stakeholders, right from the shareholders to every individual, customer, employee, creditor, investor, partner and supplier that has been associated with it.

Commitment to quality

Promoters of the Group have handpicked a team which in turn has put together an organisation of people that have an unwwavering commitment to quality.

Every project orundertaking under the banner will only add to the unblemished reputation of the Darvesh name.



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